Occasional Purchases of Bulk Loan Portfolios

Like many other investors, you like the direct exposure to mortgages, and you want more of it. However, the infrastructure and headache associated with operating an efficient direct investment platform hold you back.

HomeLend allows you to expand your current activity and become a systematic, larger scale buyer of whole loans on a Flow, Bulk or Mini-Bulk basis, without any investment or fixed costs, and with zero headache

HomeLend Direct provides the entire infrastructure you need to directly invest in mortgages, per your specified investment strategy and preferences

The platform is totally customizable to your needs and is smarter and more efficient than anything that can be built in-house or acquired

Setup and onboarding is simple and rapid

HomeLend Connect and HomeLend BulkHub can help you enhance your reach to more product and additional counter parties

You may choose to optionally augment your direct investment strategy with consolidation of counter party risk and credit enhancement, through the HomeLend Booster program

Alternatively, if you want to enhance your exposure without the ongoing involvement in implementing your strategy, you may consider the HomeLend SMA Facilitation Facilitation solution, a separately managed account, invested in accordance with your defined strategy

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