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Plug-&-Play, entire infrastructure for direct mortgage investing.

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HomeLend Direct

HomeLend Direct is the entire infrastructure you need to purchase loans from your network of mortgage sellers.

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Set Up

  • Analytics and benchmarks
  • Investment programs (rate sheets)
  • Workflow preferences
  • Guidelines and documentation

Match & Lock

  • Seller Portal
  • Pricing engine
  • Lock execution
  • Repricing & Modifications

Transaction Implementation

  • Loan delivery
  • Imaging
  • Data verifications
  • Loan review coordination
  • Conditions clearing
  • Collateral verification
  • Purchase advice
  • Servicing transfer

Post Purchase

  • Performance monitoring
  • Repurchases handling
  • Secondary trades
HomeLend Connect

For Investors Looking to Build or Expand their Sellers’ Network.

HomeLend manages a growing network of mortgage sellers looking to expand their liquidity and product options. HomeLend Connect lets you review, approve and buy from these sellers.


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