Mortgage-Backed Securities Only

Diversified exposure to mortgage investing is key in every fixed income portfolio. However, with MBS, a large part of the potential return is lost, and you have limited ability to align the investment strategy to your needs.

Building one’s own diversified portfolio results in higher return and greater control, with the same risk. For this reason, leading money managers have been increasingly seeking avenues to invest directly in mortgages.

The challenge is that building an in-house platform for mortgage direct investment is prohibitively high cost and complex, involves a prolonged time-to-market, and requires ongoing commitment to fixed costs.

HomeLend provides the entire infrastructure you need and a range of tailored solution, on a plug-and-play basis, to facilitate your direct investment in mortgages:

Build a diversified whole loans portfolio by buying directly from an extensive network of pre-qualified counter parties, per your exact specifications, through HomeLend Direct;

Or, optionally augment your direct investment strategy with consolidation of counter party risk and credit enhancement, through the HomeLend Booster program;

Or, invest through an SMA (separately managed account) in accordance with your strategy and preferences, with the HomeLend SMA Facilitation solution

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